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A Class Act DJ Service

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"Andy was such an incredible part of our wedding. Not only did he excel at his services as a DJ, but he went above and beyond that as well. We were referred to him by a friend, and we could NOT be more grateful. He MADE the wedding! First, he is so incredibly responsive. He answers texts, emails, phone calls, etc immediately. My husband and I don't live in the area, and every time we were back in town, Andy made sure to meet with us. Then, he was able to come to the rehearsal dinner, which made me feel so much better because he got a feel for the outdoor ceremony site and the timing of the music. At the rehearsal dinner, he brought a professional camera, and he took pictures for us! The moments that he caught are absolutely priceless, and he sent them over that night! Now, onto the wedding. The ceremony music was perfect; everything was timed out exactly as planned and Andy provided all the equipment, as he truly does have the best stuff in the industry. For cocktail hour, we kept getting compliments on the lovely background music he provided. Then, when he introduced the bridal party and finally the bride and groom, he had such energy that the whole crowd was getting so into it all! During dinner, he played exceptional music as well. Now onto the dancing. Andy played such an amazing selection of songs that the dance floor was literally packed the entire time. Everyone said it was by far the best music that they had ever heard at a wedding! Andy has a whole lighting system too, so that added to the fun. He even brought out hula hoops at one point, and they were a HUGE hit!!! Our photographers left around 9:30 (they had been there since 12:30), and the reception went until midnight. But did the pictures stop? No! Andy had brought his camera and he took photos from 9:30 until the end, WHILE being an incredible DJ! He can seriously do it all. He gave me all of the photos the next day, and they are absolutely priceless. So, pick Andy! You will not regret it."

"We used Andy for our daughter's wedding and we were blown away! He was hands down the best DJ we've ever encountered. Starting with our initial contact, he was incredibly attentive to details and wonderfully sensitive to what we wanted. He spent a lot of time getting to know what type of music we wanted; taking our cues, he was then able to make amazing suggestions. Throughout the entire planning period, Andy was accessible, and thoroughly communicated every detail of the wedding. His attentiveness made us feel truly special.

During the reception,his ability to smoothly transition between activities was seamless. Everything flowed beautifully. Technically, the music, lighting and sound system were perfection. But Andy goes way beyond that. He was the driving force behind the scenes. He kept the energy moving and totally had his finger on the pulse of the room. From the energy in his voice to his dancing along with us behind his table, he totally enhanced the evening. We had many, many people comment on how awesome he was.

We cannot recommend Andy more highly. He is absolutely amazing!!!"

"I cannot say enough good things about A Class Act DJ service! The fact that I'm writing this review so late should speak to that because I have been to dozens of weddings since my own now a year and a half ago and none have even come close to the service Andy Fuzak gave us at our wedding reception. No other DJ has been able to read the crowd like Andy, who played just the right song at just the right time. He knew when to cut off a song and how to lead it into the next one perfectly to elicit cheers of delight from the people on the dance floor. Slow songs were interspersed perfectly to give us occasional breaks when needed but they weren't overdone. Then it was right back to party music! He kept the dance floor packed the whole night! There were no needless/cheesy comments between songs, either. It was also a great relief to have him directing the flow of the reception, letting me know right before it was time to cut the cake, do the bouquet and garter toss, etc, so I could just relax and enjoy my reception. Trust me, I would not risk going with anybody but A Class Act DJ service for your wedding. Not one wedding I've been to in the last year and a half (and I've been to a lot) has been able to read a crowd and run a reception like Andy Fuzak. All my family weddings I have been to that have been DJ'd by him (mine was the fourth one) have been the most fun wedding receptions I've ever been to!"

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